Washington DC

Thursday, June 28th 2001

FDR Statue at the FDR memorial Since it was so hot again today we let everyone sleep in (I slept until after 10:00!) and didn't head downtown until after noon.  This was a very light day relative to what we have been doing.  We drove Elaine's van all the way into town.  We visited the FDR memorial.  Although it is outside (and this was another Code Red day), we learned about FDR's time in office.  I have been reading (but haven't finished) "No Ordinary Time" which is about FDR and Eleanor, so it was meaningful for me. One of six falls at the FDR Memorial
The only other thing that we did downtown this day was the museum of Amerian History.  There was so much to see here.  We did the special exhibit  "The American Presidency" 
JoJo's Pizza for dinner At night we went out to dinner to JoJo's pizza.  Kristen, Jeff, Brandon & Colin joined us for pizza. Our group for dinner
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