A hot day in DC

Wednesday, June 27th 2001

The Capitol Building
A few months before we had left on our trip, I had contacted Jim Ramstad's office to get some of the "special" tours that I had read about. It turned out that they were only able to schedule two for us.  The Kennedy Center (which we decided not to do) and the Capitol tour.  We did the Capitol tour today and it was great. 
Drew was our guide.  He is a college student who was born in Plymouth, grew up in South America and is going to college in DC.  He was very friendly and knowledgable
Outside the Capitol Building with our tour guide Drew
The dome of the rotunda in the Capitol Building
We got to see the Senate in action.  It took a while to figure out what was going on, but we actually got to be there for a vote on an amendment for health care.  It didn't pass.  But it was fun to see all of the Senators come up for the vote and then leave again.  We saw Wellstone and heard Dayton, but didn't see him.  We saw Hillary Clinton and some others that Bill recognized. 

We also went to the Supreme Court Building but the lecture and tour were not very thrilling.  And the speaker put me to sleep.

The Presidential Box at the Ford Theatre where Lincoln was shot The Ford Theatre where Lincoln was shot was our next stop.  After a long walk in a "Code Red" day (which means dangerously hot - kind of like our windchill index alerts!) we arrived at the Theatre.  It was worth the walk.  The speaker who told us the story was very good.  And the museum display in the basement taught us a lot.

Coming out of the Petersen House where Lincoln died, Mandy noticed this tree where the trunk was covered with chewed up discarded gum.  We saw two trees like this.  Bill pointed out that the sign at the entrance to the Petersen House said "no gum".  I guess this is the thing to do with your gum before going in there!  (Bill thought gum trees would look more like other trees....)

The trees outside the Peterson house where Lincoln died

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