Washington DC

Tuesday, June 26th 2001

Us in front of Lincoln
We did a lot of the regular touristy stuff.  But we did it in a non-touristy way.  Elaine drove us down in her van and we were able to park close to a lot of the memorials, get out walk around and then climb back into the van.  We took advantage of Carrie's handicapped parking plates.  (Thanks, Carrie!)
Mandy & Jeff in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Joseph had been looking forward to seeing the Washington Monument and the reflecting pool.  So this was especially exciting for him.  They did a unit in school on Washington DC, so he is telling us all about the capitol. Joe in front of the reflecting pool viewing the Washington Monument
Vietnam Memorial statues The memorials were very interesting to look at.  I especially liked the statues.  These are the two sets of Vietnam Memorial statues.  The men's and the women's. Women's Vietnam Memorial
Korean War Memorial statues The Korean War Memorial is also neat.  There are some etchings in the wall along next to these statues that are very neat. 

The Jefferson Memorial was especially good to see since we had been to Monticello.

Jefferson Memorial
Mandy & Joe feeding the birds It was very important on this hot day to take some time out to have some fun too.  The "foot-dip" in the fountain was very refreshing.

We also spent time (Bill's limited 2 hours) in the Air & Space Museum.

A refreshing foot dip in the fountain
The clock tower in the Old Post Office One of the many advantages of knowing people who live here is that they can tell us some secrets that some of the tour books don't tell.  One is the Old Post Office.   We were able to go up into the clock/bell tower and see a 360 degree view of DC.  Although it wasn't as high as the Washington Monument, the windows are much bigger therefore the view is wonderful.  The wait was zero minutes and it has elevators! 

We went to the Museum of Natural History and enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit.  We also saw the Hope Diamond.  But I think our favorite was the insect zoo. 

The Hope Diamond
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