The Inhofer Road Trip

Our home for 2 months!
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Day Date Miles Location Activities Gas Price 
Saturday June 9th 402 Gages Lake Campground Milwaukee Library & Shoemaker's $1.819
Sunday June 10th 243 Terre Haute, IN Driving, visiting Toni, Jason, Jaron & Michael $1.399 
Monday June 11th 0 Jason & Toni Inhofer's Shopping, jeeping, 3 & 4 wheeling  
Tuesday June 12th 257 Crystal Onyx Campground - Cave City, Kentucky Mammouth Cave National Park, Go-Carts & Alpine slide $1.359 
Wednesday June 13th 131 - rental car Crystal Onyx Campground - Cave City, Kentucky Cave tour, hiking, swimming $1.659 
Thursday June 14th 151 Cumberland Falls, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky Urgent Care & Travel  
Friday June 15th 30 KOA, Corbin, KY Play at campground, Cumberland Falls area, Drive to Corbin, KY $1.449 
Saturday June 16th 171 Smoky Mountains Cades Cove - Tennessee Cumberland Gap & drive to Cades Cove $1.319 - saw but didn't fill 
Sunday June 17th 201 Rental Car Smoky Mountains Cades Cove - Tennessee Roaring Forks, Newfound Gap Road & Cades Cove   
Monday June 18th 164 Asheville, NC KOA Met Gerry & Rosie & drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway $1.419 
Tuesday June 19th 96 Julian Price National Park Campground  Blue Ridge Parkway - lots of beautiful vistas  
Wednesday June 20th 124 Gerry & Rosie's house, Greensboro, NC Grandfather Mountain & driving to Greensboro $1.459 
Thursday June 21st 29 - 'Vette Gerry & Rosie's house, Greensboro, NC  'Down Day' - General Goofing Off $1.539 - Premium in 'Vette 
Friday June 22nd 70 - Van Gerry & Rosie's house, Greensboro, NC  Krispy Kreme HQ and Old Salem  
Saturday June 23rd Gerry & Rosie's house, Greensboro, NC  Socializing, shopping & church  
Sunday June 24th 196 Charlottesville KOA Monticello Saw $1.289
Monday June 25th 178 Maher's house, Waldorf, MD Driving through Virginia to Waldorf, MD $1.459
Tuesday June 26th 60 - Van Maher's Touring DC  
Wednesday June 27th 40 - Van Maher's Touring DC (Metro) saw $1.879
Thursday June 28th 60 - Van Maher's Washington DC $1.559
Friday June 29th 60 - Van Maher's Last Day in DC  
Saturday June 30th 152 Williamsburg timeshare Yorktown & Jamestown saw $1.199
Sunday July 1st 60 - Van Williamsburg timeshare hanging around here $1.559
Monday July 2nd 40 - Van Williamsburg timeshare Williamsburg  
Tuesday July 3rd 158-RV 
Chincoteague, VA Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel $1.479 & $1.239
Wednesday July 4th 40-Rental Chincoteague, VA Beach, Boogie Boards, Fireworks  
Thursday July 5th 30-Rental Chincoteague, VA NASA Wallops, Beach, Movie  
Friday July 6th 50-Rental Chincoteague, VA Touring the Islands, Beach  
Saturday July 7th 110 miles on the RV Avalon Visit Duncans  
Sunday July 8th 143 miles on the RV PATH(10 fares) Subway (5 fares) New York City Area Empire State Building  
Monday  July 9th Ferry (15) Bus (almost 5)  PATH (2) Subway (18) New York City Area Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown, Times Square, RENT/Video Arcade  
Tuesday July 10th PATH (7), Subway (5), Bus (15) New York City Area MTV, Central Park Zoo, Shopping, St. Pat's, Betty's Apartment  
Wednesday July 11th PATH (10), Subway (5), Bus (43?) New York City Area Intrepid, Central Park, Balto  
Thursday   July 12th 283 miles on the RV Cape Cod Area Nautilus Submarine Museum $1.699
Friday  July 13th 83 - Rental Car Cape Cod Area Cape Cod  
Saturday  July 14th 65 - Rental Car Cape Cod Area Plymouth, Plimoth Plantation  
Sunday  July 15th 35 - Rental Car
157 - RV
Maine Mayflower II, Travel to Maine  
Monday  July 16th 149 - RV New Hampshire Driving, Storrs Pond Recreation Area $1.499
Tuesday  July 17th 113 - RV New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York Verde Mont (Green Hills) & Gorgeous Gorges  
Wednesday  July 18th 141 - RV Lake George, New York Fun Park, Whitewater Rafting $1.459
Thursday  July 19th 108 - RV Herkimer & Skaneateles, New York Swimming, FrisbeeGolf, Skaneateles, more swimming  
Friday  July 20th 177 - RV
50 (kilometres) - Rental
Skaneateles, Niagara Falls, Ontario Fish Hatchery, The Falls, Behind the Falls  
Saturday  July 21st 80 (kilometres) - Rental Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist, Whirlpool  
Sunday  July 22nd 30 (kilometres) - Rental
187 - RV
Niagara Falls Area & Reeces Corners, Ontario Mt. Carmel Chapel, Welland Canal, Cross Southern Ontario $0.653
Monday  July 23rd 130 - RV Southwest Ontario & Durand, Michigan Petrolia & Sarnia, Ontario; Campground in Durand $1.389
Tuesday  July 24th 150 - RV
20 - Other
Durand & Marcellus, MI Summer House  
Wednesday  July 25th 10 - Other Marcellus, MI Games, Walk, Boating, Fireworks, S'mores  
Thursday  July 26th 15 - Other Marcellus, MI Jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, boating, waterballooning, volleyball $1.339
Friday  July 27th 5 - Other Marcellus, MI Boating, Volleyball  
Saturday  July 28th 9 - RV Marcellus, MI Jet skiing, games, ice cream  
Sunday  July 29th 291 - RV Marcellus, MI, Chicago, Milton, WI Church, Lake Fun, Kaitlin Hartshorn $1.349
Monday  July 30th 326 - RV Home Wisconsin Dells Duck, Home $1.379

We're Home!

How do we end something like this? Patti Sue's choice was that we just keep driving west on Highway 12 and 'Do West'.  While I agreed, we were overruled and we came home.

What kind of summary can be done?  Well, for us, it means some lists.  Check out the  Summary Lists  for trivial information we accumulated.


Thank you for reading our pages and enjoying our trip with us.  It seemed like we had more fun and savored the time more knowing that we were sharing it.  Your feedback was what got us to keep the pages up -- although we did enjoy doing it!  We'd also like to thank everyone we visited and everyone who made the trip possible (especially Mike and Millie for watching our house and cats!)  If you're reading this, we probably couldn't have done this without your help -- so, as inadequate as it may seem as payment:  Thanks.  We'll remember this trip for a long time and enjoy it over and over again.  As Jeff said on our last night in the RV, "Hey, in twenty years, let's get together and do this again!"