Our Last Day in DC

Friday, June 29th 2001

This was not a good day for my picture taking.  I only took this one picture of the white house.  It's a really good picture though!

Bill and Joe got up at 5:00 am and drove to the airport with Bob.  Bob had an early flight to Ohio for the day for business.  Bill and Joe rode the metro from the airport to the White House Visitor Center.  There they waited in line for over an hour to get tickets for the White House tour.  Then they walked over to the Bureau of Engraving and got us tickets for that too.  Mandy, Jeff and I got to get up leisurely at 8:00.  Elaine drove us to the metro and we took it down to meet Bill and Joe.

The White House tour was OK.  Joe really enjoyed it.  He had done a great report on it in school this spring.  We also met the Pearsons (spelling?) - Bill & Joe had met Ira in line that morning.  Man, was it hot!

Then we learned how our paper money is made at the Bureau of Engraving.  The kids enjoyed that and were looking for "samples".  But they didn't give us any. 

We spent some time in the Holocaust Museum after that.   We didn't do the full tour.  We went through "Daniel's Story" which is from an 8 year old's perspective.  I think that was just the right way for Joe and Jeff to view this museum. 


The White House
The day was extremely hot.  We took the metro to Arlington Cemetery, but didn't see too much there.  It was just too hot to walk very far.  While we were at the cemetery, we missed a call on our cell phone.  It was  from Bill's Mom's apartment building, so we were concerned.  Julie had gone into the hospital, but thank God it turned out okay.  She had broken a blood vessel in her leg and couldn't stop the bleeding.  She alertly called 911, got a few stitches and was out the same night.

Elaine & Bob's son Jeff picked us up from the Metro station and drove us home.

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