Cumberland Falls

Friday, June 15th, 2001

Falls Overlook We visited the Cumberland Falls today. This is the largest falls east of the Mississippi and south of Niagara. It was very nice. Very warm and humid, so the falls spray gave some relief.  We're there, just hard to see
Patti Sue, Mandy & Joe in boat at lower right  Patti Sue, Joe & Mandy decided to get a boat ride a bit closer to the falls. Look for the boat in the lower right corner of the picture. There's this guy who rows you up there in a rubber raft. He does this every hour. I guess my job isn't quite so tough. 
Better proximity to the pool Then we traveled all of 30 miles to Corbin, Kentucky. We're at a KOA - close to the pool. This was the first pool swimming the kids got to do in a while. They were looking forward to it, especially with the temperature. Jeff & Joe shared a towel. Peas in a pod
After we set up at this KOA and the kids swam a bit (about 5 minutes) we had another thunderstorm go through. The KOA office had the fusebox melted by a close lightning hit. The same hit melted the gas line to the owners' home and caught their house on fire. Minimal damage, thankfully -- We didn't even lose power to the RV. The worst problem for us is that we have some laundry 'stranded' in a washing machine. We are blest.
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