Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Saturday, June 16th, 2001

Welcome to Tennessee Drove to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. We went to the Vistor Center to learn about the Gap. We drove to the Iron Furnace and walked the Tri-State trail. The kids each have a hand or foot in the three states: Kentucky, Tenessee & Virginia. Bill called it 'Tri-State Twister'. One body part in each state
Kids walking on a trail Drove to the Knoxville airport to pick up a rental car. Headed into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The sites are beautiful everywhere you drive here. The 9 mile drive up to the Cades Cove campground was great for me in the rental car, but a little trying for Bill in the RV. He is glad that we will have a smaller vehicle for the rest of our stay here. RV & rental car at Cades Cove
The kids made friends with the neighbor campers. They played volleyball and badmitton. 13 year old Wyatt was smitten by Mandy and left her a bracelet and note when they left their campsite. They swapped email addresses -- Mandy says 'Hi, Wyatt!'
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