Williamsburg & Chincoteague, VA

Tuesday, July 3rd

Mexican Train Some of us stayed up late on Tuesday and played Mexican Train (dominoes).  After much deliberation, we decided this qualified as a Tuesday picture.  The next morning, we finally got a picture with Dan and Missy -- then we said our goodbyes to the Mahers - They all headed out to Busch Gardens before we left the timeshare. Dan and Missy Maher - and a sub-group of Inhofers
This left us alone to load up and head out.  Since we had been threatening to take along whatever would fit in the RV, we had to put a few pictures and a TV into closets for a bit of a surprise.  (Bob, you can call off the police and tell the timeshare people to look in the closets....) Cleaning out - errr - loading up - ummm - leaving
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel We drove to Norfolk, VA, then north across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  This 17-mile engineering feat should be more explicitly called the Chesapeake Bay causeway tunnel causeway tunnel causeway bridge causeway (but the signs would probably create unacceptable aircraft hazards).  Oddly, when Mandy and I leaned over the railing at a gift shop stop (along the 17-mile route), we both had a strong urge for seafood.  It was either the salt air, the moss on the rocks, or the nearby restaurant....  The building you see in the background is the other end of the first mile-long tunnel -- we are standing at the 'goes under' of the this end.  I don't know why Joe's saluting - I think he's watching the red timer light on the camera.
We made our way to Chincoteague -- pronounced (by most of us) as 'Shing ko teeg'.  There is a popular series of books written in the 1950's or so about wild ponies on these islands - based on the first book, "Misty of Chincoteague".  Legend has it that a spanish galleon with ponies on it ran aground and the ponies became wild.  There's also some stories about tax evasion by local horse owners, but that makes for less saleable books.  We have the first book along on CD and we listened to it as we drove into town and set up at the site (it's 3 1/2 hrs long).  We were all so into the story that we brought the CD into the rental car and continued to listen to it.  We even sat in bed in the RV that night trying to finish the story.
The town's not quite as touristy as you'd expect (but close).  We found a place to satiate the seafood cravings (steamed crabs, shrimp, and clams).   Jeff wielded a hammer to open the crabs and covered us in bits of crabshell and saltwater. Steamers - PS is holding a crab
We drove out to the beach after this - it was dark and some bugs drove us back to the rv.
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