Williamsburg, VA

Monday, July 2nd

Mandy and Jeff losing some freedom After a wonderful buffet breakfast (grits!), we visited Colonial Williamsburg.  This town is the home of the House of Burgesses - the first self-governance legislative assembly in North America.  It then became a hotbed of the American Revolution.  Just goes to show that a little freedom goes a long way.  Jeff's feet could pull right out, but he left his shoes
I couldn't help but wonder how many of the people visiting were aware of the current events in their own legislatures, or if they'd notice if they lost bits of their freedom....
Warner Bros Retiree We came across this Warner Bros retiree painting 'just for fun'.  He said he has a standing offer of $1500 for this one, when it's done.  He was very responsive to questions. Doesn't look a bit like Woody Woodpecker....
Colin, being cuter than a bug's ear Colin and Brandon really enjoyed Mandy, Jeff & Joe.  They were always looking for them and giving them hugs and holding their hands. Munching on gingerbread and cookies
Up a magnolia This was a neat magnolia tree in the cemetery in a churchyard of Colonial Williamsburg.
After the day at Colonial Williamsburg, Dan & Missy rolled into the condo.  This is a crowded place - Just the way Bob & Elaine love it.  We're enjoying it, too.
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