Chincoteague, VA

Wednesday, July 4th

A Day at the Beach

A Patriotic Day at the Beach We bought some Boogie Boards -for surfing -and hit the beach at the crack of noon.  These pictures don't really need text, do they? Joe and his Boogie Board - 'Misty'
Mandy and PS in the Surf
Boys in the Surf
On the Beach
Boys on Boogie Boards

Well, even after all this traveling and vacationing, we still made a novice beach-goer mistake.  We forgot the sunscreen at the RV and figured, "Hey, it's kinda cloudy and we won't stay long...."  I did head back to the RV to get the sunscreen, but it was too late.  It's hard to believe that Patti Sue would ever be covering herself from the sun!  It was a painful evening. Too Much Sun??
But we still made it to the carnival grounds for the fireworks.  I don't think I've ever been that close to the launch spot.  We even got to see the mid-show use of the fire engine (I think it was just some bales of hay that caught fire - a fireworks that didn't quite get high enough).
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