On the Road Again

Sunday, July 29th, 2001

We didn't get pictures, but we attended church at St. Margaret's in Marcellus.  You have to get there early to get seats at all and we needed most of two rows.  It's a shared-priest deal with another parish, so there's only one mass.  Man, was it quick.  It was barely over 1/2 hour long!

After some last jet ski rides it was time to get back on the road.

Patti Sue's Dad, Phil Hecker, lives near us in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  He had flown into Chicago to visit and he's been given the challenge of riding with us back home.

Kaitlin and her Mom and Dad We headed to the Chicago area to see Kaitlin Harshorn.  Dee Dee and Jim (now better known as Kaitlin's Mom & Dad) had her just 17 days before - 5 weeks early!  Dee dee is Patti Sue's niece (Joan's daughter).
Finally, the kids in water! Dee Dee and Jim also happen to have a pool and two fun dogs.  The kids 'dove right in'. This was handstands, not diving
We finally had to bid our farewells to the Hartshorns.  (I remember when Mandy was a newborn and people would come over with older kids -- it's a good thing it's a gradual development from newborns to rugrats to yard apes....)
We rolled on in the general direction of home, eating dinner (Thanks, Phil!) and settling in a HUGE RV Resort in Milton, Wisconsin.

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