Do we Hafta Quit?

Monday, July 30th, 2001

Joe, Jeff, and me in a canoe This RV Resort is in three small lakes and had canoe rentals.  Jeff had been particularly interested in renting a boat on the trip and so we did this.  Although the one picture shows all of us and the canoe, I like my view best. The best darn view on the lake
Us, our guide, and the duck we came in We closed up and rolled into the Wisconisin Dells area - intent upon one thing:  riding the Ducks.  Just a duck we met along the way - a view of the front of our duck
Joe and I in the copilot's seat Joe and I got to sit up front in the co-pilot seat.  It was warm (no cover and the engine is HOT), but we had a great view. Hitting the water!
A Lame Duck The duck ride takes you along roads and into a lake, more roads, then into the Wisonsin River. Cool rocks in the Wisconsin River
We loaded back into the RV and motored the last leg home.
Phil arrives home These two pictures are not exactly related other than that they were about the same time.  We got Phil safely back home (here's proof) and Joe, playing cards, with a neckrest pillow looking more like somehting from Star Wars.... Do you think 'Strange' is a genetic thing?
We arrived home at about 7:30 pm.  There was quite a gathering to greet us - my sister Elaine, her dog, her sister-in-law Sharon, Mike and Millie (who so wonderfully took care of our house), some neighbor boys, and three of Mandy's friends (Jess, Chrissie, and Nate).  Nate had been the lookout at the highway and raced back to alert the troops.
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