Yet More Lake Fun & Ice Cream Trip

Saturday, July 28th, 2001

An Audience Two more of my (Patti Sue's) nieces and one nephew joined us at the lake.  We took the rafts out on the lake and enjoyed floating while "tied" to the boat.

My dad took a run on the jet ski.

He's 79 and he still seeks thrills
Yow! Mandy & Missy enjoyed a tube ride together behind the pontoon boat - it's only a one person tube.  They were holding on for their lives!
Kevin taught a variation We played some more mexican train or maybe it was chicken foot this time. 

The dinners have been parsed out to each family -- this evening we all enjoyed pizza for dinner.

This many people and no demand for anchovies!
A rare 'all together' shot At our max, our group was 18 people.  There was always something going on.

The Shields family enjoyed a game of bocce ball.  I think I caught the ball in the air on 'film'.

Bocce Ball

Those who RV'd in Harvey for Ice Cream After dinner and another round of volleyball, we crammed as many people as would go into the RV and went into Marcellus for ice cream. At the Ice Cream Place called 'Wild Patch'
Missy joined us in the RV again for the last night's sleep at the lake.
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