A Sunny day in Marcellus

Thursday, July 26th, 2001

Shopping at a craft store in town Some of the group went golfing early in the morning. 

Some of us also went into Lawton to do some shopping. 

Some of us bought stuff: furniture, fabric and other decorating odds and ends.  We created a bit of a scene on the street corner!

My (Patti Sue) brother John and his son Kyle left to go back home to Quincy, IL.  Bye guys - it was great seeing you!

Saying goodbye to John & Kyle
Mandy, Missy & Rachel Lot's of water fun on this sunny day.  My niece Jen and her husband Kevin brought their jet ski, so we had two of them running today.  Dave on the Wave Runner
Bill, Mandy & Joe There was a lot of time spent running around on these.  We also pulled skiers, tubers and gave rides. Meem took Patti Sue for a spin!
Missy, Joe, jeff, Mandy (back row) Ethan & Rachel (front row) The time spent on the boat was much enjoyed also.  After we dragged the anchor across the lake, it finally set. The Ladies of the Lake - Judy, PS, Joan, Meem & Jen
The Jolly Mon Bill, Kevin & Meem were taking turns tubing, driving and spotting.  At one point when Bill was trying to get on to the jet ski from the water - he tipped them all over! Kevin & Bill
Bill getting up on skis - pulled by the Wave Runner! It's amazing how powerful these little things are.  Bill just popped right out of the water on skis!

Missy enjoyed tubing behind the boat.

Missy tubing
Playing water balloon toss After another great dinner (prepared by Jen & Kevin), we enjoyed some water balloon toss, balloon animal making and volleyball.

We just finished a game of Tripoly.

Making balloon animals
Tonight RV sleeping arrangement is Missy, Mandy, Jeff, Joe, Bill & me.
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