Recuperation & More Lake Fun

Friday, July 27th, 2001

Viewing our web site from our laptop I got up before the rest (I probably don't need to say this is Bill) and I worked on the web pages.  There was general interest in seeing the latest pages -- see the photo on the left. 

Tired by this, and apparently made dizzy by too much time in my contacts yesterday, (I know I couldn't have had too much fun or sun), I spent a little more time relaxing today -- photo on right.

It was called 'Red Phoenix'
A Motley Crew We did some boat time -- it was windy so the lake was pretty choppy.  Maybe THAT was what made me dizzy yesterday.

This was followed up by some volleyball.

Rule is:  There Ain't No Rules
Oh, DARN it!!! There was a late-night Sisters' Challenge Mexican Train Match.  Mary Jane (the usually dominating player) had a score higher than the rest combined.  Trouble is, low score wins.
Tonight sleeping arrangement is just us in the RV.
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