A Cloudy day in Marcellus

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

It was a cloudy day, so we did some indoor activities.  We had to visit Yummies (gas & snacks) to get some Wave Runner fuel and beef jerky.
Playing mexican train There was some Mexican Train (dominoes) -- Judy is off to the left.  Kyle, Jeff and Joe terrorized the fish population off the end of the dock. The boys were fishing
Playing cards on the boat The kids spent time on the boat even when it was tied to the dock.
Patti Sue's sister (another!) Joan Drake arrived at about 1:30 PM.  This is a group of us pulling out for a walk -- you can see Harvey in the background. Our daily walk
Dad lounging on the hammock The weather pretended like it might clear, so we tried a few outside activities.  Phil searched for the sun and then we toured on the pontoon boat. Playing cards while boating
Meem looking for the deer It was still a bit cool - check out the gloves on Mary Jane's hands, looking through the binoculars.  Joe (and later, Jeff) drove the pontoon boat. Joe driving (with Dave's supervision)
The men talking to the neighbor It's a small community there, so there was a lot of 'neighbor interaction.'  There was a lot of Wave Runner action. John & Kyle riding the jet ski
The girls watching fire works Later in the day, Kevin & Jen Shoemaker (Jen is Joan's daughter) arrived with their two kids, Rachel & Ethan.  Kevin brought fireworks and his jet ski.  Since it was after the jet ski curfew, we shot off Kevin's fireworks.
A shooter To the left is a neat shot Patti Sue got of a bottlerocket -- to the right is Dave lighting one. The shooter
Then it was a fire for s'mores and a gradual drifit-off to bed.  The RV hosted Kyle, Jeff & Joe, Mandy, Missy & Rachel, and Patti Sue & me.
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