Chincoteague, VA

Thursday, July 5th

NASA Wallops Visitor Center

First Mandy in Space We were not too anxious to hit the beach right away, because we were all sunburned - the boys especially!  So, we visited the NASA Wallops Island Facility.  Steve Hum, this is your place.  They launch sounding rockets from here, mostly sub-orbital, but a few satellites, too.  The rockets are from 20 to about 100 feet tall.  We didn't get pictures because nobody wanted to go into the sun with me and the displays were outside. Flash didn't work - am I a dim bulb?
Assateague Lighthouse The Island of Chincoteague is protected by an outer island of Assateague (where the wild ponies live).  While it is a Wildlife Refuge, it also has had this lighthouse, working since 1870 (2 flashes every 5 seconds).

We also visited the Tom's Cove visitors center where we were able to feel and pick up a bunch of sea creatures.  We also bought the second "Misty of Chincoteauge" book to read. 

We did manage to do some beach time (with the sunscreen this time).  It's weird how once you're in the water, you don't feel the sun. Me catchin' a wave, sittin' on top of the world

We got a Mitsubishi Montero 4X4 in Pocomoke City, Maryland (actually got it the first day).  The campground is nice - the road to it has about a 2 foot crown.  The vehicles really lean (this is especially fun in the RV). Obligatory Campsite Shot - Chincoteague, VA
We came back to the RV, the kids took showers and played & read while Patti Sue and I did some shopping for groceries and such.  We had a quick meal and then took in "Shrek" at the Roxy .  It is an excellent movie, but not worth the $32!
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