New York City

Tuesday, July 10th

MTV, Central Park Zoo, Shopping, St. Pat's, Betty's Apt.

Happy Birthday, Patti Sue!

This was another busy day.  The RV seemed empty without the kids.

Patti Sue and I worked our way toward Pat & Pam's apartment where the kids had spent the night.  Since we were a little late getting started, Pam and the kids met us at the subway stop (PS ate breakfast at McDonald's).  Pam took today off to spend with us.

Then it was off to the first stop of the day - a tour of the MTV set of TRL (Total Request Live).  Pam has quite some connections. 
In front of the Viacom office - TRL & MTV
Mandy at the TRL studio Jeff at the TRL studio The photos on the left are on the main set - it's the same spot where Carson Daly did the "Got Milk" ad .  The one on the right is a green room that is also a set, sometimes. 

The tour was very good - thanks, Pam!

The Green Room at the TRL studio
Us in Times Square We were actually at Times Square a bunch of times.  I think this is the only picture we took there.
At the Central Park Zoo Then it was off to the Central Park Zoo.  It was a nice Zoo and it whetted Patti Sue's appetite for Central Park. Joseph inside the turtle shell
There was a magician who had us do the tricks with the magic words that all living things need (food, water, shelter, space, and time).  Joe got to be his helper. Joseph helping the magician
Jeff & Mandy in the rabbit statues The photo on the left is in the Zoo - Jeff & Mandy posing in the rabbit statues.

The one on the right is back into the city at, well, FAO Schwarz.  Quite a store.

In front of FAO Schwartz
There was some shopping done (no photo documentation of this, but the clothes will be worn until tattered and torn, I'd suspect).  Also, the kids had made birthday cards for Patti Sue at Pat & Pam's.  We sang 'Happy Birthday' to her on Fifth Avenue in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
St. Patrick's Cathedral This is St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Very pretty - inside and out! Inside the Cathedral
What is everyone thinking? This was on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Pam took this.  (Many of the NYC photos are from Pat & Pam's camera!)  Patrick wondered later what all the different people are thinking.

Actually, as I recall, a fire truck went by about then.  Always something going on in New York City.

Back to Pat & Pam's apartment and then out to dinner.  This time at the America restaurant.  They had these two mannequins (George Washington & Abe Lincoln) at the bar, with a small Statue of Liberty (Enlightening the Bar). At the America bar - having a drink with Abe & George
Then it was back to the RV.  This taxi driver didn't even bother to turn on the meter.  Not a word was said - I just handed him the $4 when we got out and that was that.
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