New York City

Monday, July 9th

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown, Times Square,

Broadway Show/Video Arcade

Man, what a day this was!

We arose (quite well!) at 7:15 and took a taxi to the ferry (just made it!) to Liberty Island.

There were kittens near the camper in the RV park.  This was a regular stop on the comings and goings. The kids found some kittens at the campground
Looking up at the Statue of Liberty torch from inside the crown The reason we got up so early was that only the first ferry-load got to go to the crown of the Statue of Liberty (Actually called 'The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World').  For a bit of interesting info about the  'Teeming Shores' poem, click  HERE .

The wait for the crown was so long.  Patti Sue, Jeff, Mandy & Joe all waited for about 1 1/2 hours.  Then when it seemed like there was at least another hour to wait, Mandy & Joe begged off.  But Patti Sue and Jeff hung in there and went to the top.  I (Patti Sue is interjecting here) will have to say that it was not worth the wait.  Jeff and I both found that we are uncomfortable with tight, dark, enclosed spaces.  The last 10 stories up the spiral staircase were hard for us.  We made it to the top and spent about 1 minute up there.  It is a very small area and we were so anxious to get out! 

Those who climbed to the crown
Sucked up Liberty's Nose Inside the base of the Statue of Liberty is a cool museum.  It has another face and foot (actual size) made in 1986 by the same  process as the original. Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry
Then we ferried to Ellis Island.  Part of the middle was being set up for George W. Bush to come give a speech the next day. Ellis Island
Our Chinatown restaurant From there we ferried to the Battery then subwayed and walked into Chinatown for lunch.  We had Dim Sum at HSF restaurant (one of Pat & Pam's favorites).  Patti Sue liked it because they were offering us food as soon as we sat down. 

Then we hopped our first bus - it took us a half block and stopped dead holding up traffic - the picture on the right here.

The broken down bus holding up traffic
So we took the subway to Pam's work in Times Square, walked past the MTV building (mobs of screaming kids for TRL - a live show) and bought tickets for a Broadway show.  Then back to Pat & Pam's apartment to get ready for the show.
Paddle the Canoe! Pat & Pam took the boys to some arcades and ESPN Zone for desert.  Jeff & Joe did some serious paddling on one game -- they really enjoyed it.

Patti Sue, Mandy & I went to see RENT -- a broadway musical.  This was highlight of Mandy's trip.  She felt very hip and part of the New York Scene.  It was fun.

The Rent billboard
We dropped Mandy back at Pat & Pam's so all the kids could sleep in town.  Patti Sue and I went back to the RV.  This time the taxi meter 'worked' - it was $2.70, but we still paid him $4.
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