Friday April 8th - Dublin

Our main event for the day was to get to the Guinness Storehouse tour.  We listened to the Guinness iWalk which took us from close to our hotel to the storehouse.  The iWalk talked about the impact that the Guinness family had in the area. 

We saw Christchurch Cathedral, snapped a photo of Sts. Augustine and John church (nearby) and then went to the Guinness Storehouse tour.  

The Guinness tour is quite the production.  This was the most tourists we had seen at any site so far.  Patti Sue saw a sign telling that if you "Liked" the Guinness Storehouse on Facebook (and you had to "check in" there), you got a free pint bottle with your name on the label.  She spent of lot of time working the interwebs and manipulating her phone and got Joe a bottle with his name on the label (legal age is 18 here).

We did the Viking & Medival Dublin iWalk (kind of backwards) as we headed back toward the hotel.  We took Joe into Merrian Square Park to see the Oscar Wilde statue. 

The Temple Bar area is not named for a “bar”, like drinking establishment, but like a sand-bar.  Dublin has a quite a few things named like that – based on some way something was once.  Also the streets change names often - like every block!  

Having said that, there IS a bar called “Temple Bar” and it had great music so we went there both weekend nights in Dublin.  We left Joe to come back on his own – worrisome, but he did alright (claims he escorted a bride’s party to Kennedy Bar, since he knew where it was).

Video: Dublin Street Musicians

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