Saturday April 9th - Dublin

The next day we went to the Book of Kells at Trinity College.  Not sure why they call the tour the Book of Kells since there are quite a few really old books in this library.  We did went to the Natural History museum with well preserved very old bodies found in the bogs.  We remember hearing about this in the news in 2003 when the most recent were found.  So it was cool seeing them.
City Hall Rotunda Daniel O'Connel statue

Joe left us to go back to the hotel to work out - and mellow out.  Bill & Patti Sue did the Castles & Cathedrals iWalk which took us to City Hall, Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Park & Cathedral as well as many other cool sites. 
Video: City Hall Rotunda

We did the Temple Bar to the Docklands iWalk which took us back & forth across the Liffey River on some rather cool bridges.   

We joined Joe back at the hotel and then walked again into the Temple Bar area.  We ate dinner at the Auld Dubliner and watched the Leinster and Leicester rugby game.  Then we stayed for music and left Joe, who came back a few hours later (and much more world-wise after some interesting propositions).

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