Minnesota, Wisconsin to Illinois

Saturday, June 9th, 2001

ice cream cake After a wonderful sendoff dinner on Friday with Grandma Inhofer, Elaine & Mike, and Mike's parents and sister, we spent Saturday driving; a good thing to start the trip out with... 
On our first stop - Hudson, WI we realized what we had forgotten. Mandy has NO shoes!!! She had told me the shoes that she intended to bring, but never packed them!

My Dad was driving back from Chicago the same day, so we connected via cell phone and met up with him at a truck stop in Black River Falls, WI. He got a chance to see the RV and sit with us for a short break. Then we headed over to the Milwaukee Public Library. Bill did some research on some Inhofers that he couldn't place in the family tree. He got what he was looking for. 

Our first stop
We really enjoyed the traveling. This is truly the way to go. The kids watched videos and played gameboy and read. We enjoyed being able to eat snacks and make meals on the way. So far we have plenty of room for all of us and our things.

We arrived at my niece Jen's house (husband Kevin & kids Rachel & Ethan). My sister Joan and niece Deed were there too. They had a wonderful dinner for us and we enjoyed sitting out in their back yard. We slept in the RV at a campground close to Jen's house. It was a very pleasant night's sleep.

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