Yorktown & Jamestown, VA

Saturday, June 30th 2001

Drills and Thrills

We headed out from the Maher's house but we didn't say "Goodbye" (you'll see why).
Jeff and Joe learning to be in the militia   We drove to Yorktown, Virginia.  Though this 'living museum' (set in 1776) is physically small, it is very good.  The boys joined the local militia for some drill and watched a cannon shot.  Mandy & Joe dressed for the time period (Jeff was surfing an interactive program on a nearby PC) Patriot Joe and Amanda, the American Doll

Us at Jamestown From Yorktown, we traveled to Jamestown (20 miles and 200 years further back, to 1600).  This was also a very good living museum.  The reconstructed "Godspeed" at right actually has sailed the original route.  The kids helped raise the anchor as a 'drill' at the end of the day. Godspeed - the mid-sized ship to Jamestown

Joe and his 'enforcer' This cannon was at Jamestown.  You can't quite tell from this picture, but Joe got something in his eye which swelled it for about two days.  It never hurt him, but it looked pretty bad.

To finish this great day, we met Bob, Elaine, and Carrie Maher at their timeshare condo in Williamsburg!  We celebrated Carrie's birthday with them!  Jeff, Kristen, Brandon and Colin arrived just after us.

Carrie's birthday

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