Though Virgina to Waldorf, MD

Monday, June 25th 2001

Jeff, Joe & Jessie at the pool
We took our time getting out of the campground this morning.  The boys swam for a while and met Jessie from Wisconsin. 
Driving through Virginia into Maryland, I spent some time working on the web pages.  Joe took this picture of me.  See the trees whizzing by?
Patti Sue's high speed connection
The group at the Maher's We arrived at Bob, Elaine & Carrie's house.  The kids were swimming in their pool before Bob could finish his sentence "Do you want to go swimming?"  We had a great dinner with everyone.  Their two older boys who are married came with their wives and kids. It was a big group with all of us, but we took the time to get everyone together for this group photo. 
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