Socializing & Shopping

Saturday, June 23rd 2001

Today was a social day. We went over to Hannah's house (oh, yeah, Kristin & Drew live there too!) to see her & her bedroom. She was in her normal smiling happy mood.

Then friends of Bill's family Gene & Jeanette came over. Gene worked with Bill's dad in Minnesota many years ago. Gerry & Rosie have stayed close to them through the years. They spent most of the afternoon with us. We girls took some time out to go to Sam's Club to drop off my film and replenish supplies. It was hard to shop at Sam's when I have such a small fridge and freezer!

Seth & Michelle (Gerry & Rosie's son & his wife) came over in the afternoon. We played legos, ate dinner, went to church, washed the RV and did some more shopping. 

But not a whole lot of pictures to show for the day. We forgot to get a picture of Gene & Jeanette and Seth & Michelle! We also neglected to take pictures of the guys washing the RV or of the girls shopping.

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