Old Salem

Friday, June 22nd 2001

We had a mission to start this day. Since we found out the big difference between 'Hot Now' Krispy Kremes and anything over about an hour old, we figured there needs to be a Krispy Kreme in Minneapolis.
A visit to Krispie Kreme Headquarters So we headed on down to the Krispy Kreme Korporate Offices and pointed out where Minneapolis is. They were very nice. Jeff & Joe got cool white paper hats and coupons for a dozen free doughnuts - each. They promised we should have a Krispy Kreme store in Minneapolis by the end of next year. (Although it seems the guy who owns the rights to MN, WI, and Colorado lives in Illinois.... we hope he isn't a Chicago Bears fan!) RV in front of Gerry & Rosie's house
Old Salem After that, we headed to Old Salem and spent the rest of the afternoon at this 'Living History' area. It was pretty cool. We especially liked the Tinsmith and Nathaniel, his apprentice. They did a great job. As did the cook at Dr. Vierling's house. This was a really active history 'lesson'. After we got home it stormed a bit and we played on computers and talked.
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