Greensboro, North Carolina

Thursday, June 21st 2001

This day dawned warm and hazy - like most so far on this trip. Little did I (Bill) know what lay ahead, although Gerry had an idea.
Gerry & Bill He had mentioned that we needed to do fresh Krispy Kreme (Hot Now) doughnuts for breakfast. Turns out that he intended us to go in his Corvette.

And that he would only drive the first trip.

I have three kids, who each like Hot Now Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (They didn't know that until later.)

Patti Sue wanted a doughnut, too.

The Corvette is a two-seater.

Another reason to have had more kids! 

A little bit of heaven
Fun times We had what we refer to as a 'down day'. This is actually 'up', as it gives us all a chance to loaf and pursue non-scheduled activities. The kids played legos and watched a 'Star Wars' movie with Rosemary. Patti Sue, Gerry, and I played with the computers and updated the website. Mary Jean managed to get a call in between up-loads. PS does double duty
Mandy doing what she lives for The kids also spent some time reading. This was some much needed relaxing. Reading Calvin & Hobbes
Fun times Kristen (Gerry & Rosie's daughter), Drew & Hannah came over in the evening. Hannah is so friendly and happy. We enjoyed getting to know her. 
June 20th
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