Grandfather Mountain

Wednesday, June 20th 2001

Everyone on the Swinging Bridge Grandfather Mountain was today's destination. We parked the RV and took the van into the park. It's a good thing we did. Those roads are very steep and windy. We walked across the mile high bridge and spent too much time in the gift shop. The kids want to buy something at every gift shop! (And I do too!) (Bill's note: You should have seen where Patti Sue stood to take this -- She was parked out on this little ledge on the side of a cliff!) Grandfather Mountain
Two bears fighting We enjoyed a lot of time at the animal habitats and museum. Some of the animals were very active and entertaining. We got to feed them and see some fighting. Bear eating/begging
Bears eating/begging We tried to leave the Blue Ridge Parkway area, but got stopped by a thunderstorm. We sat in one of the park's parking lots and played UNO while we waited for the storm to pass. Then we headed into Greensboro and are enjoying the comforts of home. Here I sit at 12:45 am on Gerry's 1 Ghz computer with DSL. Look out Bill. I might need to get me one of these when we get home... In the museum
Split Rock These are a couple of the big rocks at Grandfather Mountain - and Joe in a tight spot. Grandfather Mountain is the highest point in the Blue Ridge Mountains (5,964 ft above sea level) -- the bridge is at just over 5,280 feet above sea level. Joe in a tight spot
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