Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sunday, June 17th 2001

For my Father's Day start - I got up and rode around part of the 1 mile loop to see some of the late 1800's cabins that are around the Cades Cove part of the park.
Smody Mountains Sign After the rest got up, we set out for some looking around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Odd how Smoky is spelled - that's the way it is...)  We saw a pretty cool whole little 'farm' arrangement -- complete with mill! 

Then we drove through to the middle of the park and went to Clingman's Dome - the highest point in the Smokies (6,642 feet above seal level) -- got someone to take our picture -- it was neat - all around was lower than where we were - I don't hink I've ever had that.  Yet it wasn't scarey high, since we weren't that much higher than the nearby ground.

Clingman's Dome
A pretty view These are the shoes Mandy wore for the hike up to Clingman's Dome.  Remember we mentioned that she forgot to pack shoes for the trip?  And remember we mentioned that we bought shoes for her in Terre Haute?  Well, she still chose to wear these flip-flops Toni Inhofer gave her.  It was a fairly short but steep walk. 

We seem to be developing several 'themes' for this trip and one of them is Mandy's shoes.

Mandy's walking shoes
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