Mammoth Cave National Park

Cave City, Kentucky

Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

We did one of the Mammoth Cave tours. It was very cool walking through the long and large cave tunnels.
Ferry across the Green River We rode in the car across the river on a very small ferry to hike some of the park trails. We hiked out to a waterfall and had to refresh ourselves by putting our heads under the falls. You can't actually see the steam coming off our heads, but it was there... at least figuratively Mammoth Cave
Bill, Mandy, Jeff & Joe swimming It was 91 degrees today, so we spent a few hours at Nolin Lake State Park swimming at the beach. It was actually a lot like some of our Minnesota state parks with one exception. There were people swimming because the water was WARM!! The view from Nolin Lake beach
The kids doind the dishes  We had our first real "family" dinner in the RV. And since I cooked, the kids had to do the dishes. Part of the reason we could even do this trip is evidenced by this dinner -- we had leftovers from the pound of chicken, but we finished the can of corn and the can of three-bean salad.

Then we played a family game of Mexican Train dominoes.

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