Prairieton, Indiana to Cave City, Kentucky

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

We had a pleasant drive today. We took 41 down out of Indiana into Kentucky. The scenery was not that different from drives in our area; trees, farms, etc. We had to stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken because the kids wanted official "K"FC!

The campground where we are staying is small with few amenities, but it is very quiet and not crowded.

Our jeep We got Enterprise Car Rental to pick us up and bring us into town to rent a car. We ended up with a white Jeep Cherokee. It sure is nice to have another vehicle when we are driving around locally here; but it has been nice not towing a car. I think the rental idea is going to work out well.

After we got the car, we drove into the Mammoth Cave National Park to check out what we will do tomorrow. Bill had wanted to do the Lantern Cave Tour. But I forgot to make the reservations ahead of time and sure enough the tour is booked for the two days that we will be here. So we had to go with our second choice of tours. That will be tomorrow.

Mammoth Cave
The kids really enjoyed walking around by the entrance to the cave. It is sooo cold right there by the entrance. The cool air from the cave comes out and your legs can be cold from the knees down, but hot above. It's amazing!

We spent the rest of the evening at the Fun Park. We rode the go-carts and bumper boats. Joe & I did mini-golf. Mandy, Bill & I did the alpine slide. That was my favorite!

So here I sit at midnight like usual on a computer - some things never change! But as I was sitting here tonight looking into the front of the RV at Bill talking to the kids, I was overwhelmed with the thought of this vehicle holding all of us and most of what we will need for the upcoming weeks. And how it has brought us here and will continue to take us on.

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