Wheels & Engines

Monday, June 11th, 2001

The convoy going to the creek Whenever you get Inhofer boys together, there always have to be engines and wheels involved. Well, this day was no exception. Jason and his two boys Jaron & Michael have a bunch of fun vehicles. The four little boys enjoyed riding the vehicles around the yard and down to the creek (pronounced "crick" around these parts). Jeff on the 3-wheeler
Mandy on the four wheeler Mandy & I got to ride some too. Mandy is healing nicely. It looked worse than her injuries resulted. She looked like a rag doll, going over those handlebars when the four-wheeler stopped in that rut. -- Just a few bruises -- Bill is glad he didn't see it.

The two big boys spent some time welding our bike rack back together (one weld came loose a bit - but it's fine, Jack & Eileen! Even better, now!).

Toni, Mandy & I got to take the jeep into town to do some shopping. We got Mandy some shoes!

Toni, Mandy & Patti Sue
Michael got his 3-wheeler stuck in the mud. Bill had to give Jason a ride through the water to pull it out.

We had to split up in the evening because Jaron & Michael each had a baseball game. It was a beautiful evening to sit and watch a game.

Stuck in the mud
Thank you Toni, Jason, Jaron & Michael for such an enjoyable couple of days!
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