Avalon, New Jersey

Saturday, July 7th

Duncans/A day at a New Beach

We had found that the prices of house rentals at Chincoteague are highest in the spring and fall and couldn't figure out why.  I think it's because of the migration of the birds.  This is a major flyway and birding appears to be big here.

Today, I (Bill) got up early enough to do the 7:30 AM Bird Watch Tour.

I saw great egret, little ibis, terns, laughing gulls (common here), osprey (the nest was similar to ours at work), cormorant(sp?), skimmers, red-winged blackbird, and canada geese (they're all over the place here, too).  I also learned that the island of Assateague is managed by four different services (US Fish and Wildlife, National Parks, and two State Parks - MD and VA).

When I got back, we broke camp (not a big job) and left Chincoteague with the goal of Alavon, New Jersey.

To get to Avalon, we had decided to cross on the Lewes to Cape May Ferry.  This is the RV in line for it. Looks tight
Was tight Then we drove on.  Notice the mirrors - we had to push them in (I think mostly for people walking by).  They also left about 1/2 car length open at the side for our door to open.  Pretty cool.
On the Sun Deck The picture on the left is what it was like on the ferry.  The picture on the right is not (there was this painting on the wall inside the ferry, so we took the kids' picture there). Cast off the Mizzenmast!
This is what our ferry looked like.  Actually, this is another one passing us, but it was the same.

It was a fun crossing.  The ferry line's mission statement is to "make it the best ferry crossing you are ever on" or somthing like that.  They try to make it feel like a cruise ship.  They did a pretty good job.

Another ferry like ours
We worked our way to Avalon, where we were to meet David and Lynn Duncan and their family.  David is Patti Sue's cousin.  Their families have spent many summer vacations together along the Jersey shore.

The Duncans had rented a beach house in Avalon and we were to meet them there when they arrived and spend the evening there.  This picture shows the RV and their van at their beach house.  Harvey (the RV) took up the whole driveway.  It only took two attempts to park it.  fortunately, the road in front of the house is not busy.

The house is a great place -- David and Lynn have rented it for several years.

Harvey at the Duncan's Beach House
Jenna, in front, and Pam After a quick tour of the RV, we hit the beach, as there were waves to be ridden and another hole needed to be dug. Dig a hole and ya gotta fill it!
We had dinner and then all walked to the Avalon Freeze for treats.
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