Durand to Marcellus, Michigan

Tuesday, July 24th, 2001

We got up and the kids swam while we "broke camp".  We rolled out about 11 AM.  We had discussed visiting a living museum in Flint, but decided to head straight to that ultimate fun park, the Boyd/Shields Summer House in Marcellus, Michigan.  Two of Patti Sue's sisters (Mary Jane Shields and Barb Boyd) and their families own a home on a lake in Michigan.
Parked at the Shields/Boyd Summer Home This is Harvey parked by their garage, in front of their house.  You can see a bit of the cove beside the house.  Already here is Dave & Mary Jane Sheilds (Mary Jane is Patti Sue's sister), their daughter Missy (a bit older than Mandy), Patti Sue's sister, Judy Strawn, brother, John Hecker, his son, Kyle, and Patti Sue's Dad, Phil Hecker.
Here are a couple of the toys - a picture of Missy and Mandy on the Wave Runner -- taken from the Pink Plum Panther, their pontoon boat. Missy & Mandy on the wave runner
We sat around, chatted, played.  Then the RV put up Patti Sue & me, Jeff, Joe, Mandy & Missy.
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