Skaneateles to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Friday, July 20th, 2001

We got up and dawdled around Ann's house for a long time.  We just didn't want to leave.  We watched her neighbor baling hay again (Steve, he's got this cool machine - a New Holland Super 1049 - it picks up the bales and stacks them in back!).  We finally rolled out and hung around Skaneateles again.  We had half-and-halfs (a kind of cookie) and tried to find a thimble.  The shopkeeper Patti Sue pressed on it said they aren't into 'trinkets' there.  Owell.
At the fish hatchery
Then we went a bit north and visited a fish hatchery.  We wound up giving a tour of the RV to a woman who works there (all you have to do is express a passing interest to us...).
Doing dishes at 66 miles per hour We finally got on the Thruway toward Niagara Falls.  Patti Sue got into a tidy-up mood and got Joe to take these pictures. She's washing dishes here. Proof!

Welcome to Niagara Falls We got into Ontario, parked the RV, swam in the park's pool a bit, got the rental and onto the sites. 

We approached the falls from upstream.  The sound of the rushing water tells you how close you are to the falls.  Even the rapids above the falls are loud.  It's easy to see why they refer to this as the "point of no return".

The rapids before the falls
See the bit of the rainbow? The picture on the left is above the falls.  The one on the right is after we went into some tunnels that open behind the falls.  They really were behind it -- the water there was like looking into a maelstrom - it was astounding.  And the thundering, shuddering the earth. Wet after our trip behind the falls
The USA falls Niagara Falls is actually split around an island - from the Canadian side you can see both the Canadian Falls and the American Falls.  The picture on the left shows two ways to see the falls -- the Maid of the Mist boats and a balloon from the US side that was tethered and raised and lowered.

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