Herkimer to Skaneateles New York

Thursday, July 19th, 2001

Parked at the Herkimer KOA - another great view This was a nice campground with a beautiful view.  The sites were very wide and most of the prime ones (on the creek) were NOT seasonal sites!  We played in the creek some (Patti Sue had to sit deep enough to raise her feet and say she 'floated' in this creek).  The West Canada Creek - from our campsite
Bill, Jeff & Joe playing frisbee golf - see the frisbees in the air? We then did pool-swimming and showers.  Patti Sue gave out some much-needed haircuts on Jeff, Joe & me.  This campground had an Ultimate (frisbee golf) course - 9 holes.  We played it (Mandy had some journal-reading-leave-me-alone time).
Then it was off to Ann McCormick's in Skaneateles, New York.  Ann is Terry McCormick's mother.  Terry and LuAnn are friends from Holy Name - their son Jamie is in Jeff's grade (I've coached him in soccer, he's tutored me on snowboarding - the ribs are mending fine, Jamie).
Ann's house marker Ann's directions to her home finished with 'I'll have the duck out on the mailbox'.  It was.  Look beside the house - see the lake?  Imagine the view?  It's even better than you are imagining, I promise.  The shot on the right only does catch some of the effect. Some of the view from Ann's deck

Ann and us The lake is Skaneateles Lake (pronounced something like skinny-atlas, but almost).  The village at one end of the lake is also called Skaneateles.  Ann says it's an Indian word that means "there's a law against that".  She says that's a joke - the meaning of the name -- but there are a lot of restrictions on things. Where we tucked Harvey

A coupla dips in Skaneateles Lake We visited the village, which includes a swimming area.  The lake is very very clean.   Terry, the kids actually went in the water!  There were about five lifeguards for our two kids in the water.

Then we went back to Ann's and watched her neighbor, Carl, bale hay.  We also got to push a 1955 T-bird that puttered out on the hill while we were out.

We had a wonderful dinner (Thanks again, Ann!).  Mandy made brownies in the RV oven.  Look closely at the brownies -- the RV was apparently not completely level....

There were fights over the gooey parts
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