Lake Luzerne, New York

Wednesday, July 18th, 2001

Check out the nerd factor he has going here! Bill and I got up and rode our bikes into Lake George to check it out and eat breakfast.  It's hard to tell for sure, but I think Bill's "geek" factor is at least 7 here (camera, walkie talkie, cell phone, camcorder, sunglass case, palm pilot, bike helmet...) -- (This is Bill - I was hoping we'd do something worth recording....)

We had a nice breakfast while the kids got up on their own and ate breakfast in the RV.  They were all (well, almost all) ready when we returned.

Lake George is beautiful!
We had voted the night before on what we wanted to do this day.  We each got three choices of our five.  The options were: whitewater rafting, water park, amusement park and horseback riding.  Whitewater rafting won (although I must tell you that it was falsely represented because I said we would also go horseback riding on this day - until I found out that it would be $125 for 1 hour!).  We spent the mid-day at a Fun Park - Mandy, Jeff, Joe & Bill played Laser Tag twice.  I got to lay on the grass and read in the sun.  They had a very good time - the reviews of their games dragged on and they enjoyed those, too, all the way on the drive to the rafting place.
Getting ready for the big whitewater trip!

The rafting trip was such fun.  We were in a raft with a guide and only two other people.  We went down 3 1/2 miles of the Sacandaga River.  We got some fun rapids and some calmer water for swimming/floating.  The current in the river is amazing!  They had someone taking pictures as we came down.


Rockwell Falls on the Hudson River

This picture on is NOT the river we went down.  It's Rockwell Falls on the Hudson River.  It's just a pretty sight that we passed on our way to our river. 

The drive from Lake Luzerne was beautiful.  We drove on 9N next to the Sacandaga River and around Great Sacandaga Lake.  A very slow going, windy road.  I know the thruway would have been easier driving for Bill, but I sure enjoyed the scenery on this road.  We stopped for ice cream (and directions) near Northville. Stopping for ice cream - and directions
We just kept driving until we were ready to stop.  We had been listening to a book on CD while we drove for the last few days ('Jip:  His Story' - it is set in Vermont).  The ride seems to go so quickly and quietly when we do this.

We found a campground in Herkimer, NY.  It's a KOA and very nice. 

After setting up and eating dinner we listened to the last of the story (it was six CD's long).

Our site is right on the West Canada Creek.  I can hear the water running over the rocks right now!  They have a pool and a frisbee golf course.  So we should have some fun here before we pull out tomorrow.  We got in just before dark, so we'll get a picture of the site and campground tomorrow.

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