New Hamshire, Vermont & New York

Tuesday, July 17th, 2001

Verde Mont (Green Hills)

The bridge over the Quechee Gorge We had a little excitement in the town of Hanover after we left the campground.  That little college town (Dartmouth) is not made for big RVs.  I think Bill only had to go the wrong way on one "one-way" through there.

Vermont is a very pretty place.  We didn't spend the night in the state, but we enjoyed a lot of the day there. 

Our first stop was the Quechee Gorge.  The bridge is 1026 feet above the gorge.  The picture on the right is looking down on the gorge from the bridge.

View of the Gorge from the bridge
Creatures found in the Ottoquechee river We went down to the bottom of the gorge and walked around on the rocks.  Joe found a crayfish (Bill is holding it here in the picture).  Joe also found tadpoles and Mandy & Jeff found a large school of minnows.

There is a dam above the bridge with a waterfall below.

The Dam at the Quechee Gorge
We got to see three of Vermont's famous covered bridges.  This was one that we could fit the RV through. We went through it then had to turn around to come back - quite a feat in this 32 foot monster!   That required another wrong way on a one-way. One of the famous Vermont covered bridges
Such beautiful sights to see! - please excuse the wipers! Leaving Vermont (pretty isn't it? even with the wiper blades in there?) and into New York state.  Even though we had been in the state when we were in Manhattan, it felt new to us - Manhattan doesn't feel like New York state! Welcome to New York - Again!
We were looking for a place to stay for the night.  We decided we would work our way into Lake George, NY.  We looked through our Woodalls book and found a few places.  Then we drove by them to see how they were relative to the town - since we only had our bikes again.  We called one campground to check availablity, but the cell phone kept cutting out on us.  So we were on our way to the campground and we happened across the Lake George Battlegrounds Campground.  It is a state park with no amenities (not even water or electric) but is very close to the heart of Lake George.  Ready for our bike ride into Lake George
The concert in Lake George park We rode our bikes into town for dinner - Jeff had his heart set on Subway but when we got there we found it was closed!  So, we did McDonalds and Pizza and sat in the park listening to a concert - a community band.  It was a beautiful night for sitting out.  We also got ice cream.  And then Bill, Jeff & Joe played mini-golf while Mandy & I headed back. Mini golfing in Lake George
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