Maine to New Hamshire

Monday, July 16th, 2001

The kids having some fun in the back of the RV We had all sorts of plans for this day.  Mandy, Joe & I were going to get up early and go to a whale watch while Jeff & Bill got the oil changed in the RV.  But the kids didn't want to get up and I was not all that sure the whale watch would be worth it.

Then we decided we would go to a water/amusement park.  We had three to chose from and decided on one back down in New Hampshire (which was OK, because that was the direction we planned to go anyway).  When we got into the parking lot, we decided none of us really wanted to go and pay $28 for a few hours. 

So we all went to Wal-Mart to get the oil changed.  I actually drove the RV today!!  I drove it from the front parking lot at Wal-Mart to the back - where the oil change shop is.  Then lunch at Taco Bell and some grocery shopping.

A 'covered' bridge? Is this the "covered bridge" like the old days?  (It must be construction or something - tarp-covered) 

Again we didn't have a campground reservation.  We were still undecided on whether we wanted to go up to the Plymouth, New Hampshire or Lebanon areas.  We didn't see anything that was drawing us up north to the Plymouth area.  We all feel like we have seen lots of mountains.  So we went west to Hanover which is North of Lebanon - just on the border with Vermont.  We again called a campground out of Woodalls.

Welcome to New Hampshire
We must have the best site in the campground and I think this is the best campground I have ever been at.  There is a small hill next to the RV where I was standing to take this picture.  Harvey from above
Swimming area - view from campsite If I turn 60 degrees to my right you can see the beach.  If I turn 60 degrees again, you see the beautiful view of the pond through the trees with a swimming platform in the background and a canoeist in the middle. 

It is very beautiful - and no mosquitoes!

Also from our campsite
See the RV in back? In this picture of us on the rocks by the beach, you can see our RV in the background.  See that hill to the left?  That's where our campfire and tables are.  That's where I took the previous pictures. Is that Mandy reading a book?  What a surprise!
Mandy diving They also have a pool here.  Mandy was teaching Joe how to dive.  Joe's dive
Jeff 'cocooned'` Jeff swam for a while, but was rather cold so he got out before I started shooting the pictures.

Joe was very much the fisherman.  He fished for about 1 1/2 hours from our camp site.  He didn't catch anything, but seemed to get a few nibbles.

Then we had a campfire on the top of our hill.

We set the tent out on that hill and Mandy & Jeff slept out in it.  What a beautiful night!

Joe - the fisherman
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