Plimouth Plantation

Saturday, July 14th, 2001

A Statue Monument in honor of the original Pilgrims Even though we got a late start, we still were able to see some sites today.  We drove into Plymouth, Massachusetts and stopped at this monument to the original Mayflower pilgrims.  Here's the inscription that was on the front of the monument. Engraved in the monument stone
Lists all of the original Mayflower pilgrims On two of the sides of the monument, they list the names of the original pilgrims.  I was testing out my camera to see if it was able to pick up words like this.  It did OK on the above picture, but I think this writing was too small for our camera to pick up clearly enough.

We drove down to the docks to see the Mayflower and Plymouth rock, but there was a craft fair going on and the streets were either closed or full of people. So we decided to delay that part of the tour.

We spent the rest of the day at Plimoth Plantation.  That's not a typo - it's actually spelled with an "i".  I think this was the best living history place that we have been to.  The people were very good in character, there were plenty of them around and some were very talkative.  Us at the Plimoth Plantation
One of the Pilgrims in character One man particularly was very informative and talkative.  We started by asking him a few questions, but he also offered us some information that we hadn't asked about.

We found these three women in one of the houses.  They were reading from their bible and singing hymns.  We all sang a hymn together as a round.  It was fun.  These women also told us a lot about women during the 1620s in the New World. 

The singing women
The blacksmith is always fun to watch.  This man wasn't very talkative, but we watched him make nails.  I thought this picture turned out pretty good with the coal fire burning and the red hot iron rod that he was working on. Blacksmith at work
Our rental car with the RV in Sandy Ponds Campground We had a Malibou for this stay.  It was the smallest vehicle we have ended up with so far.  But it was OK for what we needed.

I still think that renting instead of towing has been the best way for us to go. 

We headed back to the campground and goofed around.  The kids went to the arcade and I went to the office to upload the pages that we had just finished.  I also downloaded our e-mails - 52 of them!
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