Cape Cod

Friday, July 13th, 2001

I want to start today by mentioning the weather we have been having.  It has been unbelievable.  We have had a few rainstorms while driving and nights where it has rained while we have been sleeping  (which we have mentioned).  In New York City, we had one morning of rain - and that just happened to be the only morning that we were taking it slow getting out.  Driving through Rhode Island to Cape Cod, we saw what looked to be a large rain storm.  We got into a little of the rain on and off, but when we arrived at the campground it was sunny and beautiful.  We have been so blessed in this way.
Doing laundry was a much needed task.  So I (Patti Sue) did five loads.  The first load was done the first night we arrived - before we had the car.  So I rode my bike back and forth the 1/2 mile or so to the laundry room - in the dark.  That was interesting.

Cape Cod is beautiful.  After a relaxing morning of web page updates, journal writing (Mandy - 86 pages) and laundry we got into our Malibou and headed out to explore.

We drove through the canal area - the Rotarys around here are very interesting - their solution to a 4 to 6 road intersection.  We drove out along 6A (marked "scenic" on our map) and saw some of the small towns out the cape along the bay side.

We stopped at Sandy Neck Beach to see the Cape Cod Bay and take this picture.  But the kids were anxious to get back to the campground's pond beach. 

Cape Cod bay
Obviously named after our Mandy Stopping in Hyannis port, we walked around the docks checking out all of the boats.  There were old working boats, ferrys, new fishing boats (probably for taking rich tourists fishing - very different from the working boats) and big huge tourist speed boats.  We just bought a thimble - no boat ride.

Mandy wanted a picture of her with this boat that was obviously named after her.

We also wanted to check out the ocean beaches.  So we worked our way across the peninsula to the ocean side.  We stopped in Hyannis to watch airplanes at the airport and ate lunch.

Then we drove through Hyannis Port to Craigville and found this beach.  It was 4:00, so noone except me (Patti Sue) wanted to swim. 

The ocean beach at Craigville

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