New Jersey to New York to Connecticut to

Rhode Island to Massachusetts

Thursday, July 12th, 2001

This was our "most state" day so far.  We were in five states today.  We didn't do justice to a lot of them - so much to see and so little time!

We left early with the kids still sleeping.  Patti Sue saw the sign to where she was raised the first few years of her life.

Where Patti Sue was born
Next to the sail of the Nautilus In Groton, Connecticut we stopped at the Nautilus display - it was part of a submarine museum.  This was attached to a US Navy Submarine Base. Harvey the RV and the Nautilus
Passing through Connecticut We were in many states today (5).  We didn't actually set foot in Rhode Island.  We discussed whether we were hungry enough to stop and by the time we decided to stop anyway, we were in Massachusetts. Passing through Rhode Island
The Massachusetts sign We set up at the Sandy Ponds Campground in Bourne, MA (near Buzzard's Bay, at the attaching point of Cape Cod).

Joe took this picture of the RV for us.  I took the Massachusetts sign picture - as we flew by it on the highway!

Parked at Sandy Ponds Campground
We had dinner at the picnic table, roasted marshmallows, watched stars and went to bed.  Actually, Patti Sue did laundry in addition to all the previous.  I (Bill) have learned what I believe to be a secret of motherhood.  To gain access to this information, click HERE.
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