Wednesday April 6th - Kinsale through Cohb, Cashel to Killkenny

The next morning in Kinsale we had breakfast with two girls from Chicago who said they had seen us in Dingle when we were stopped by the road harassing the sheepies.  

We wandered around Kinsale and took some photos.  We got some pastries at the SuperValu in town.  The town has had quite a history as it has a great harbor and is in the corner of Ireland toward France and Spain.  There are two forts by the entrance to the harbor and we visited the more recent Fort Charles.  It was the most hands-on we had gotten with a ruins in pretty good shape.

Video: Charles Fort

We drove to Cobh (pronounced “Cove”) which was called Queenstown when many Irish (including Patti Sue’s grandmother) emigrated.  We know she left from here by the ship’s manifest Patti Sue found online.  This is also the last port that the Titanic called at before it sank.  We visited the beautiful Cobh Cathedral with wonderful workmanship in the mosaic floors.  And a pretty lighted halo on the statue of Mary.

From here Nora’s promise came true as we were on the M-class roads a lot.  Joe saw a Budweiser truck with a saying on back that he liked.

Our only remaining sightseeing stop for the day’s plan was Rock of Cashel, a really old castle built on a rock in a flat part of the country.  Nora had said she really didn’t pay it much mind other than it marked that she was halfway to Dublin when she saw it.  We got there pretty close to closing, but we spent a fair amount of time on it.  Really old stuff.  The descriptions of the inhabitants were done in a somewhat cynical manner.   It is amazing to think that they had the skills to build & paint like this 800 some years ago.  With out the equipment that we have now!

Video: Rock of Cashel

Then on to Kilkenny and the Butler Court B&B.  Joe met Bob, the proprieters’ dog, and they really hit it off - Bob LOVED Joe.  No sit down breakfast at this B&B.  We had in-room breakfast: coffee, rolls, fruit and juices in the fridge in each of our rooms. 

We had a little daylight left to walk around Kilkenny.  We saw the outside of the main attraction of the Butler House  - an old castle that had been made into an estate house.  We ate a nice dinner at the Hibernian restaurant and then looked for live music on High Street.  At one bar we stopped into, a bartender told us they had just finished their music.  So he told us to go to Sean Byrnes (Sean O Broin) saying that it was mostly locals – no tourists, but they would have music.

And so it was.  It turns out there was a going-away party for a girl named Hannah.  While they were welcoming to us (even offered us some sandwiches) and played and all sang nonstop, we felt we were intruding on a private party.  We had our pints and Joe really liked it, but we probably over-stayed.  We eventually walked back to the B&B and slept.

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