San Jose/Muir Woods/Oakland

From Monterey we drove back up to San Jose as our home base for Muir Woods, iFly, Berkley and Danville.  The kids enjoyed a freefalling feeling at the iFly.  Mandy & Jeff each got to visit friends.  We loved the beautiful redwoods in Muir Woods.  Bill took Mandy to the airport to fly back so she could drive through the snow to go back to school.  Thanks Phil!  And Bill made another trip to Urgent Care to be diagnosed with a sinus infection.

Homewood Suites - Hilton

iFly - Vertical Wind Tunnel

Ready to fly!

Jeff - Watch Video of Jeff's flight

Mandy - Watch Video of Mandy's flight
Joe - Watch Video of Joe's flight

Muir Woods

Back at the airport to go to Los Angeles!!

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